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GT2 pulley, Pitch 2.03mm, 20 (Teeth) for any 3D Printer

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GT2 pulley, Pitch 2.03mm, 20 (Teeth) for any 3D Printer

Product Description

(MXL) GT2 pulley for 3D Printer:

Part Number: A 6T16M020DF6005

Pitch: 2.03 mm (MXL)

No. Of Grooves: 20 (Teeth)

Material: Polycarbonate

Belt Width mm: 6

Bore Size mm: 5.00

Bore Configuration: Aluminum T-Insert

Flange Configuration: 2 Flanges / With Hub

Pitch Diameter mm: 12.90

Outside Diameter mm: 12.40

Overall Length mm: 17.50

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