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Reprap Heat Bed MK2A Single Power Prusa (Resistor and LEDs Soldered) 214mmx 214mm

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Reprap Heat Bed MK2A Single Power Prusa (Resistor and LEDs Soldered) 214mmx 214mm

Product Description

Specification from heat bed MK2A

Dimensions 214mmx 214mm
Laminate FR4 1.6+-0.15mm
2 layer, 35μm copper
Red Soldermask - both sides
White Silkscreen - both sides
Power Input: 12v
copper plated holes
resistance between 1.0-1.2 ohm

Content of package:

- 1 x MK2A Single Power PCB with 1K resistor and 2 red led soldered
- 1 x 100K ohm thermistor, Un-soldered (all packed one by one in each one small bag)

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