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DELTA AC Brushless Servo Motor and Servo Motor Driver

DELTA AC Brushless Servo Motor and Servo Motor Driver

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This powerful motordriver combo from Delta is capable of demanding large motion control tasks. With 2559 Oz-In motor and very capable driver electronics. Includes high quality optical encoder, wirepower connector, driver, and motor.


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DELTA AC Brushless Servo Motor and Servo Motor Driver

Product Description

A: AC Brush less Servo Motor and Driver, 1.0KW (1.33hp)

Rated Power: 1 KW ( 1.33HP)

Delta ECMA-E21310RS Servo Motor (1000W 220V)
Delta ECMA-E21310RS 220V 17-bit 130mm 1000W AC Servo Motor

DELTA AC Servo Motor Driver: ASD-B2-1021-B (Input 200-230VAC 3Phase 50/60Hz 4.68A, or 200-230VAC 1 Phase 50/60Hz 8.87A. Output: 110V 0-250Hz, 7.3A)

Power Cable, 17.5 feet

Encoder Cable, 17.5 feet

Encoder: 17 bit (160000 ppr)

2: AC Brushless Servo Motor and Driver: 0.75 KW (1 HP)

DELTA AC Servo Motor Driver: ASD-B20721-B

(Input 200-230VAC 3Phase 50/60Hz 3.65A, or 200-230VAC 1 Phase 50/60Hz 8.87A. Output: 110V 0-250Hz, 6.78A)

DELTA AC Servo MotorECMA-C20807RS

( Input: VAC 110, A5.1 Output: 3000 r/mm, 2.39 N.M .75KW)

Power Cable, 17.5 feet ( add $49.95)

Encoder Cable, 17.5 feet (add ($39.95)

Rated Power: 0.75KW ( 1 HP)

Encoder: 17 bit (160000 ppr)

 Manuals & Downloads

Delta ASDA-B2 Series AC Servo Driver Manual (4605)

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