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C11 – Multifunction CNC Breakout Board

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This card has been designed to provide a flexible interface and functions to your computer projects, by using the parallel port control software. This board provides a faster way to connect devices and reduce the possibility of wiring errors.



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C11 – Multifunction CNC Breakout Board

Product Description

Numbers of inputs 5
On-state voltage range 2 to 5V DC
Maximum off-state voltaje 0.8V
Typical signal delay 2.8uS
Number of outputs 12
Maximum output voltage (5V power supply voltage) + 0.5V
Typical output current 24mA
Maximum off-state voltage 0.44 V
Typical signal delay 3uS
Time of transition to high impedance state 120mS*

Make Sure the outputs is enabled on the C11.
There is an LED that indicate if the outputs are enabled.
Make sure it is lit. If it is not,
o The board is powered ok, remember regulated +5@1.5A on the main power terminals
and power from the PC on the PC-Power terminal.
o You need +5vdc on the EN terminal.
o You need to use a cable that uses pin 1-25,
as some cables out there use only pins 1-17, and there is watchdog on pin 18 and 19,
that will disable the outputs if the board is not connected to a PC.
o Make sure the SCHP is disabled, or enabled, configured and active.
Disable it for now.

Manuals & Downloads
C11 CNC Board Manual (2224)
C11 CNC Breakout Board Manual (1211)

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