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C11 – 6 axis, Multifunction CNC Breakout Board with Relay and Spindle Control

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This card has been designed to provide a flexible interface and functions to your computer projects, by using the parallel port control software. This board provides a faster way to connect devices and reduce the possibility of wiring errors.



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C11 – 6 axis, Multifunction CNC Breakout Board with Relay and Spindle Control

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C11 - 6 axis, Multifunction CNC Breakout Board with Relay and Spindle Control


• Fully optoisolated. The card isolates connections to protect your computer from short-circuit. An opto-isolator is an integrated circuit that transmits the signal through an encapsulated LED and phototransistor. When the signal is on, the LED lights up, the phototransistor captures it and relays the signal. In that way, your computer’s electronics are completely isolated from the cnc circuitry. The signals are transmitted through light and not through physical connections. In this way, a power surge has no way of reaching your computer. That is the reason why this card has two power connections. One power connection is power powering the circuit that interacts with the PC, the other connection is for powering the circuit that interacts with your cnc system. Extra precautions have been taken when designing this circuit, by taking into consideration the extremely high voltages that stepper drivers can achieve and lack of experience that some users could have in wiring circuits of this kind.

• IEEE 1284 Standard compatible. Includes the circuitry recommended by the IEEE 1284 Level 1 standards for bidirectional parallel communications between personal computers and peripherals

• PULL-UP or PULL-DOWN selection for inputs. Includes jumpers to select the best input configuration for your application.

• Support for up to 150 KHz optoisolation on step and direction signals.  New on this revision is that the optoisolation circuit has been optimized and now supports full optoisolation at speeds over 150 kHz.

• Built-in Passive Low Pass Filters for the all signal. This board includes low pass filters to reduce the effect of the noise from the drivers or other devices over the signals.

• Microcontroller based Safety Charge Pump. This board comes with a microcontroller that allows the implementation of a complex algorithm for sampling and analyzing the SCHP signal.

• All TTL 5VDC signals. Interface directly with parallel port interface products and other CNC4PC cards. 5VDC (TTL) cards are very common among automation devices.

• Buffered outputs. All inputs and outputs are buffered through the use of high speed and high power buffers. Each pins deliver 24 milliamps.

• Easy installation of an On/Off switch. You can control the card externally. An On/Off or a Safety Charge Pump can easily be installed to enable or disable the card. CNC machines could be dangerous and, remember, safety comes first. This card is provided with an extra pin (EN) that allows you to control the card externally by enabling or disabling outputs. The card must have +5vdc supplied to the EN terminal to enable outputs. 

• Built-in Variable Speed Control. It has an optoisolated analog 0-10VDC output that will convert a step signal into an analog signal that can be used to command a commercial VFD. This analog can be adjusted using on-board pot, so this board can be adjusted to other voltages.

• Two Built-in Electromechanical Relays with NO and NC positions. Mechanical relays are very flexible because they can be used for AC or DC and come with NO and NC (Normally Open and Normally Closed) positions. This relay can also be used for controlling spindle rotation.

• The common terminal to pins 2-9 can be ground or +5vdc. The common terminal to pins 2-9 can be ground or +5vdc.When you select program for the driver to used, COM will automatically become what the driver will need. If you select the program for the G320, COM = +5vdc, if you select the program for the G203V, COM = GND

• All pins can be used in a concurrent manner. You can use all the input or output pins in a concurrent manner. For example, if you are using output pin #1 to control the Built-in Solid State Relay Board, you can also access that signal from the output pin on the board or from the DB25 connector for output. Each connection will not affect the other current from the other connection.

• Has an extra DB25 female connection for output. This card can be used to optoisolate any existing setup just by connecting this card between the computer and current control box. That way, you can also see and access all the signals. This makes the board ideal for use with the xylotex, hobbycnc or other non-optoisolated boards. You only have to add this board to a DB25 male connection to a male cable.

PDF Manual Rev. 9

PDF Manual Rev. 8

Wiring a VFD

Wiring Guide

Wiring E-Stop & EN Pin

Demo Video by Chris on  

Modifications to HAL on EMC2 to configure the analog output  

Configuring a Safety Charge Pump on EMC2

Analog Output Using a KBIC Speed Controller

Mill XML Configuration file: > HERE

Sample XML Configuration File (Right Click/Save As)

• Status LEDs on all inputs and output connections. No more guessing. You can SEE all your signals. Save valuable time and brainpower for cncing. 

• All inputs are outputs are tied to pull-down resistors. Pins are never in the air open to noise. If you leave a pin in the air you will get a LOW or 0. If you input a ground you will get a LOW and a +3.3 or+ 5 vdc signal will deliver a HI.

• Works directly with popular CNC hardware and software. Such as Geckodrive, DeskCNC or Rutex, and parallel port control software, such as mach2, Linux EMC, TurboCNC, CNCZeus and others. (Not all tested)


C11Wiring (1073)

pls check this if you have problem

-          Power Issues:  The C11 is an optoisolated board, it has two power connections.  The PC power and the main power supply on the other end.  Make sure you have both connected.  Make sure the main power supply can deliver the 1.5A that the board requires.

-          Enable:  The goal is to get the green LED to light.  3 things can keep the board disables:

o   Jumper on the EN terminal.  Make sure it is there.  This is the hardware disable jumper.

o   Safety Charge Pump.  You may want to put the jumper on the disable position for now.

o   PC connection.  The boards checks for connection to a PC.  Make sure you are using a cable that uses pins 1-25, as the board uses pins 18 and 19 for this, and there are some cheap cables out there that use only pins 1-17.

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