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Gecko G540 4-Axis Driver Controller 48V/7.3A

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Built around the high quality and popular Gecko G540 4-axis stepper driver module, this ready to go CNC control system includes an aluminum enclosure, a Gecko G540 module, 48v, 7.3a power supply, and e-stop, power switch, and power outlet.



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Gecko G540 4-Axis Driver Controller 48V/7.3A

Product Description

KL-G540-48 4 Axis CNC Stepper Motor Driver Controller (115V/230VAC):

Ready to plug and use
Brand New 4 Axis Controller for any NEMA23 Stepper motors
(1) G540 Bipolar Drivers, 50VDC, 3.5A
(1) 48V/7.3A Power Supply, 115V/230VAC
(1) Case with E-Stop, Switch, Power outlet
(1) Power cable
(1) 6 feet Mach3 Parallel Cable DB25M to DB25M
(1) 110V Ac Fan

Weight: 7 Ibs
Tested with Mach3 Software

Wiring Diagram & Downloads
G540Wiring (10426)

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