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4 Axis CNC Stepper Driver Control Box w/ Relay, Spindle control (KL-5056D-4 Aixs 48VDC )

4 Axis CNC Stepper Driver Control Box w/ Relay, Spindle control (KL-5056D-4 Aixs 48VDC )

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This 4-axis CNC control box is built around the KL-5056D stepper driver board which can easily power NEMA23 and mid-size NEMA34 applications. Includes 48V 12.5a psu, 6-axis breakout board, case with E-Stop and X,Y,Z limit switches, a cooling fan, and one relay control outputs and one for spindle.


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4 Axis CNC Stepper Driver Control Box w/ Relay, Spindle control (KL-5056D-4 Aixs 48VDC )

Product Description

CNC4 axis Stepper Motor Control Box without motors

• 4 x KL-5056D Stepper Drivers

• 48VDC, 12.5A Switching Power Supply.

• Built in Safety Charge Pump

• Relay Controlled Coolant/Vacuum AC Plug.

• 1 Probe input. (Probe not included)

• RJ45 interface for easy Limits

• Relay and Spindle control


• Works directly with Mach3.

Control Box Manual (1764)

You can update to a USB or ESS board to connect with your computer

if you need a MPG, pls check here

  • Mach3 Wireless MPG
  • if you need a mach3 license , pls check here

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