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KL-34GH101 10:1 Planetary Gearbox 4000RPM

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Planetary gearboxes are low-backlash solutions for mechanical reduction. These gearboxes work with NEMA 34 Stepper motors and servos and are ideal for routers, laser cutters, plasma tables, and other CNC applications



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KL-34GH101 10:1 Planetary Gearbox 4000RPM

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Backlash about 6 arcmin

Standard NEMA34 (Input and Output side)

Max Input Speed: 4000 RPM

Lifetime Lubrication

IP55 Protection

Max. Torque: 100 N-m ( 14100 oz-in)

It will work with our NEMA 34 motors or Servo Motor

1 year limited warranty

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