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Fuse Holder Panel Mount 6 X 30 mm 250V 10A / 125V 15A New and Fuse

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Fuse Holder Panel Mount 6 X 30 mm 250V 10A / 125V 15A New and Fuse

Product Description

1 PCS CB radio Auto Stereo Chassis Panel Mount AGC Glass Fuse Holder 15A/125V

- Fuse Holder for 6 x 30mm Fuse ( Fuse is   included)
- 10A, 250V/AC  or 15A,125V/AC
- Black color

Panel Mount: about 13.7mm

Package Includes:

1 pcs GMA Fuse Holder Panel Mount 6 X 30 mm  250V 10A / 125V 15A New and Fuse

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