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Cnc Mechanical Mogul Kit: Cutting Area: 48″ x 96″

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Cnc Mechanical Mogul Kit: Cutting Area: 48″ x 96″

Product Description

Product Description:

This is a complete mechanical Mogul kit.  Just add the electronics of your choice.  (sizes are actual cutting/work area).   You may choose to put your own electronic system together or purchase a plug and play type controller.

(Depending on the size variations the aluminum V rails will vary in length but profiles will be consistent.)

This is what is included:

All Hardware to assemble the Mogul

The Mogul assembles in about 30 min with extreme ease.  your new machine will assemble with just one size bolt.  No confusion or guessing!  Allen wrench included with your new system.

Pre-tapped extruded V rails.

The width you choose will include two extremely rigid 40×40 aluminum rails.  These rails weigh about two pounds per foot and a V rail is on all four corners.  The length you ordered will include T slot leg brackets for mounting to any table or surface.

Machined aluminum 6061 plates

The two sides of your gantry (width) include two 1/4″ aluminum plates.  Both plates are machined identically so you may choose either end to have your future motor wires exit.

Wire supporting rod and carriage cover.

The gantry has a 1/4″ aluminum rod that can be used for a cable carrier support or wire containment.  One top carriage cover is also included for carriage dust control and sleek look.

Acetyl V guide wheels.

Thirty-five! Yes, thirty five V wheels…  If there was a spot to add another wheel we did.  Six V wheels on each end of the gantry.  Seven V wheels supporting the Z axis and 16 more inside of the carriage.

Aluminum carriage carts.

These precisely machined 3/8″ thick carts eliminated spacers and extra washers.  They added ease of assemble, rigidity, and extremely easy optional adjustment.

Other Cnc Mogul Machine Kit size if you need, we will send you a paypal request:

cutting Area: 12" x 12" $299

cutting Area: 24" x 24" $400

cutting Area: 24" x 36" $430

cutting Area: 24" x 48" $460

cutting Area: 24" x 96" $625

cutting Area: 36" x 24" $430

cutting Area: 36" x 36" $460

cutting Area: 36" x 48" $490

cutting Area: 36" x 96" $655

cutting Area: 48" x 24" $460

cutting Area: 48" x 36" $490

cutting Area: 48" x 48" $520

cutting Area: 48" x 96" $695

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