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Cnc Machine Kit: Cutting Area: 48″ x 96″

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Cnc Machine Kit: Cutting Area: 48″ x 96″

Product Description

Cnc Machine kit: cutting Area:  36" x 36"

Z axis: 6" Stroke

Product Description:

This is the ultimate Cnc Machine! We are taking over the shops, garages, and back bedrooms across the country.

This is a complete Cnc Machine kit. You need a mach3 software to run it

Features and Contents:

Complete 3D Modeling DVD and written manual for assembly.
All stainless steel hardware.

High quality bearings
Compatible with Mach3 software, CD with Software ( Mach3 Demo)
4 axis driver, 4 NEMA 23 stepper motors, power supply are included
Spindle is not included

DB25 parallel port, you can update to mach3 USB, UC100

Max Speed: 350 ipm

Toshiba 4 axis Driver, Max 3.5A

Repeatability: 0.005"

Choose from a variety of sizes that is best suitable for your application.

Instructions, manuals, and software will be shipped within 1 or 2 day. When your Mogul arrives you will be able to begin cutting quickly.

Most use this spindle, we buy at here

we can sell you this spindle bracket at $35

if you need different size, pls let us know

Cnc Mogul Machine:

cutting Area: 36" x 36" $1000

cutting Area: 36" x 48" $1030

cutting Area: 36" x 72" $1095

cutting Area: 36" x 96" $1150

cutting Area: 48" x 24" $1075

cutting Area: 48" x 36" $1100

cutting Area: 48" x 48" $1130

cutting Area: 48" x 72" $1195

cutting Area: 48" x 96" $1255

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