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KL-1325 ATC Machine, 51 x 98.4 inch

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KL-1325 ATC Machine, 51 x 98.4 inch

Product Description

1: 1325 ATC machine ,  51 x 98.4 inch
2.Working Area:1300x2500x300mm
3.Spindle Motor : China 9KW air cooling ATC Spindle
4.Motor and driver system: Schneider, French
5.Inverter: China Fuling Inverter 11KW
6.Operating system: Taiwan Syntec
7.Rail: Taiwan HIWIN square rails
8.Beam: steel beam stiffeners
9.Cable: drag chain specific Cable, anti-jamming, anti-static; with high flexibility, long-term use will not break
10. Helical rack
11.Taiwan TBI ball screw
12.Table:vacuum table
13. Software Artcam etc
14.Dual-drum dust collector ,Brush, suction pipe, Vacuuming stents.
15. Overall welding tempered aging treatment, strong and does not distort
16.Change of tools - circular the 12 tools
17.Voltage  3PHASE 380V/ 50HZ
18. Oil injection system
19. Tools box (include router bits,collect, clamp, tool sensor,etc)
 20.Packing should be international standard plywood case packing


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