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CSMIO-ENC Threading Module

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CSMIO-ENC Threading Module

Product Description

The CSMIO-ENC is an expansion module for threading and it’s used to connect spindle encoder. It can be used with CSMIO/IP-S (step/dir) and CAMIO/IP-A (+/-10V) Ethernet Motion Controllers.

 User Guide

CSMIO-ENC module installation and configuration

An encoder should be mounted this way to get encoder- spindle ratio 1:1. The encoder most be firmly mounted and parts used for driveline must be finely made.
For instance if we have to use a belt drive for the encoder's drive we need to pay attention if gears and toothed belts are good quality.
Poorly made gears and toothed bars can distort spindle's current position readout what can directly affect on Z axis feed during threading.

It is not recommended to use an encoder of a servo motor that drives the spindle to avoid spindle position readout error.

CSMIO-ENC module connection

  • The module should be connected to a motion controller  (CSMIO/IP-S or CSMIO/IP-A) with the flat cable included.
  • A power supply of the module should be connected the same way as the head controller's power supply.
  • Spindle encoder signals should be connected to inputs described as "encoder 1" as only these inputs are supported by an algorithm for threading and revs reading.

During an encoder connection remember to keep proper signals' order.

CSMIO-ENC for proper operation requires all encoder signals (A+/A-/B+/B-/I+/I-).
A shield of an encoder's wire should be connected only from one side to PE or in case of high noises to GND (0V).
CSMIO-ENC power connector can be the place of connection.

The encoder module configuration is very easy and it comes down to only to operations:

a) Encoder pulses number configuration
Go to „ConfigConfig PluginsConfigSpecial FunctionsSpindle” and enter encoder pulses number incl. all edges in the „Spindle Encoder (CSMIO-ENC)” area.

b) Encoder pulses counting direction configuration
Sometimes it can be necessary to change encoder pulses counting direction. To verify if current direction is correct you should go to „PlugIn ControlCSMIO_IP pluginExpansion modulesCSMIO-ENC”. Then - activate a spindle with M3 command and verify if RPM value is positive. If it will be negative you should go to „ConfigConfig PluginsConfigSpecial FunctionsSpindle” and  select (check) „Inv. Direction” option.

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