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MASTECH HY1502D Variable DC Power Supply

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MASTECH HY1502D Variable DC Power Supply

Product Description

MASTECH HY1502D DC Variable Power Supply specifications:

Output Voltage: 0 - 15 Volts @ 0-2 Amps

  • Output Current: 0 - 2 Amps
  • Input Voltage: 110 V AC
  • Constant voltage/ Constant Current
  • Voltage and Current adjustment
  • Power effect: CV<0.01%+1mV, CC<0.2% + 1mA
  • Overload effect: CV<0.01% +3mV, CC<0.2% +3mA
  • Waves and noises: CV<0.5mV r.m.s, CC 3mA, r.m.s
  • Protection: High current limited.
  • Ripple & Noise: <1mV rms( I>5A), CV<0.5mV rms( I < 5A)
  • Output Current: 0-2 A
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 102 F ( 0 -40 C), Relative Humidity: <90%
  • LCD Accuracy is within + or - 2.5%
  • Size: 9 x 6 3/4 x 3 3/4"
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • 6 Months Warranty

Additional Details

All MASTECHPower Supply come with Six Month WARRANTY

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