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MASTECH HY3006D Variable DC Power Supply

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This bench-top variable voltage power supply is perfect for powering electronics projects, troubleshooting or even small CNC machinery. With a 30V range and up to 3 amps output.



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MASTECH HY3006D Variable DC Power Supply

Product Description

This highly stable, high quality DC power supply has an output continuously adjustable at 0-30V DC and 0-6A. What's more, the unit is equipped with coarse and fine controls for adjusting the voltage and current outputs, making it extremely easy to set the output to your desired level. The unit comes with 2 backlit LCD displays, providing accurate readout for the voltage and current values. Please email me with any questions!

Features & Specifications:

Adjustable outputs: 0-30V and 0-6A

Coarse and fine controls for both current and voltage outputs

Input voltage: 110V/60Hz, 220VAC

Line regulation: CV <= 0.01% + 1 mV, CC <= 0.2% + 1 mA

Load Regulation: CV <= 0.01% + 3mV, CC <= 0.2% + 3 mA

Ripple noise: CV <= 0.5 mV RMS, CC <= 3 mA RMS

Protection: constant current and short-circuit protection

LCD reading accuracy: +/-1% for voltage and +/-2% for current

Environment: 0-40C, relative humidity < 90%

Size: 11.5" x 6.5" x 5.5"

Additional Details

All MASTECHPower Supply come with Six Month WARRANTY

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