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NEMA23 282 oz-in Closed Loop Stepper Motors 3 Axis CNC Kit (110VAC/220VAC)

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NEMA23 282 oz-in Closed Loop Stepper Motors 3 Axis CNC Kit (110VAC/220VAC)

Product Description

NEMA23 282 oz-in closed-loop stepper Motors 3 Axis CNC Kit (110VAC/220VAC):

(3) KL-5080H, 3-phase Hybrid Servo Drive for NEMA23 Hybrid Servo Motor
20-50V, 8.0A Peak, No Tuning

(3) NEMA23 Hybrid Servo Motor, KL23-2N-1000, 1/4" shaft
Rated Torque 282 oz-in, 2 N-m, with one Encoder 1000 line

(3) 1.5 meter encoder cable or long

(1) Unregulated Linear 960W/ 48 VDC/20A Toroidal PSU (KL-4820) 110VAC or 220VAC

(1) C10 Breakout board, E-Stop or Limit Switch can be wired
you can update to C11 or any USB breakout board or USB or Ethernet Board

(1) 5V Power Supply for Breakout Board 110VAC/220VAC

You can update to a Mach3 USB or ESS board

Wiring Diagram & Downloads

NEMA23Closeloopsteppermotorwiring (2763)

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