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PoKeys 57E for Ethernet with Terminals for mach4

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PoKeys 57E for Ethernet with Terminals for mach4

Product Description


  • Ethernet 10/100 with DHCP client or fixed IP support
  • TCP connection with device
  • 55 digital inputs with pull-up resistors
  • 55 software controlled digital outputs
  • 7 analog inputs (12-bit) with adjustable low-pass filtering support
  • Up to 26 encoder pair inputs (3 high-speed encoder inputs, 1 ultra high speed encoder input)
  • 3-axis 25 kHz or 8-axis 125 kHz Pulse engine
  • Digital counters on specific digital input pins
  • Up to 16x8 matrix keyboard
  • Two 8x8 matrix LED display support
  • Up to 6 high-speed fully configurable PWM outputs support (25 MHz PWM timer)
  • HD44780-based character LCD support (up to 4x20 characters)
  • PoExtBus support for adding up to 10 external shift registers = 80 aditional outputs
  • PoNET devices support (48-key CNC keyboard, etc...)
  • Modbus TCP support (access to digital IO, analog inputs, encoders’ counters, digital counters values, PWM outputs, LCD display, LED matrix display, PoExtBus devices, matrix keyboard status)
  • Support for up to 10 sensors on I2C bus, up to 10 sensors on 1-wire bus and up to 7 analog sensors
  • Web interface with newly designed dashboard and I/O status display with multiple user accounts
  • Support for communication with devices on I2C and 1-wire buses
  • Support for Connection signal output
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software
  • Third-party support via communication DLL library and extensive protocol specification document that allows porting to other systems
  • Plugin for Mach3 software, PoKeys as 4-axis external motion controller or general purpose, highly cusomizable Human Machine Interface
  • PoBlocks graphical programming PLC software
  • PoKeys57E automatically uploades the selected sensor values to the Xively web services, making them accessible from all over the world - look at our test feed of the room temperature and humidity sensor SHT21, connected to PoKeys57E: For more details on using Xively web services with PoKeys57E devices, please look at this tutorial: