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5 axis CNC Router

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5 axis CNC Router

Product Description

5 axis CNC Router
Voltage: AC380V/60HZ, AC380V/60HZ
Dimension(L*W*H): 3600*4000*3500mm
Model  1224 5 axis cnc router
Movement type   Movable table
X ,Y,Z working area (mm)   2400*1200*900mm
C traveling   ±213°
A traveling   ±120°
Beam spacing(mm)   4260
Beam Height(mm)   2150
Vacuum pump   Germany Becker pump
Supplier for Double pendulum head   10.0 KW Italian HSD
Range of speeds   22000 RPM/min
Servo Motor brand   YASKAVA
Table size (mm)   1200*2400
Product fixed form   Vacuum table
Tool magazine   8 positions Carousel Tool Storage
Control system   OSAI
Machine size   3600*4000*3500mm
Total weight   12T
Total Power(kw)   24KW
Voltage   AC380V/60HZ
Maximum lifting weights   20T
File exchange   G code
X,Y axis Maximum speed   45m/min
Z,C axis Maximum speed   20m/min
A axis Maximum speed   20m/min
Guarantee time   One year of guarantee in case of non-human damage
Option items: Change the 3.0 KW single bag dust collector to 5.5     KW double bag,Original Alpha cam software
One year Warranty

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