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EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit, 1500W 220VAC

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EtherCAT Servo Motor Kit, 1500W 220VAC

Product Description

AC 220V, No Power Supply, No Breakout Board,  Easy to wire

Following items are included:

A: 1 Pc EtherCAT Servo Motor  1500W

Model Number: ELM1500LM130F-H

Motor Specification:

Rated Voltage: 220VAC

Rated Power: 1500W

Rated Torque: 6 (N.m)

Peak Torque: 18 (N.m)

Rated Speed: 2500 RPM

Peak Speed: 3000 RPM

Rated Current: 6Amp

Peak Current: 18 Amp

Torque Const: 1.0 (N.m/Amp)

Back EMP Const: 65 ( V/Krpm)

Resistance: 1.27 Ohm

Inertia(kg*m2*10-4): 12.8

Inductance: 8 mH

Poles: 8

Encoder Type: 23 Bit Single Turn

Protection Level: IP65

Mass: 7.4kg

B: 1 Pc EtherCAT Servo Driver

Model Number: ELP-EC1500Z

Following cables are included.

You can choose either 5 Meter or 3 Meter length:

-- 1 Pc Cable-7BMA5M0-HZ "5-Meter encoder cable with battery"

-- 1 Pc Cable-RZ5M0-H - 5-Meter power cable


1 Pc Cable-7BMA3M0-HZ "3-Meter encoder cable with battery" ,

1 Pc Cable-RZ3M0-H - 3-Meter power cable

If you would like to order the Servo Motor with brake, please contact us

Driver Specifications:

Servo drive model: ELP-EC1500Z
Rated output power: 1500W
Communication interface: EtherCAT , Cia 402 , COE based on DSP-402 Device Profile
USB for configuration
Rated output current(A): 9.5
Max output current(A): 28.5
Dimensions(mm): 80*175*156
Main power: 1 or 3-phase 190Vac – 240Vac,50/60Hz
Control mode: IGBT SVPWM sinusoidal wave control
Feedback mode: 17bit single-turn incremental encoder/23bit multi-turn absolute encoder
Input pulse: 0-500kHZ,5V differential input
Position band width: 200HZ
Electronic gear ratio: 1~8388608/1~8388608
Analog input: not available
Velocity bandwidth: 500HZ
Input signal: DI: 14 programable digital inputs, allows sink connection, Servo enable, over-travel inhibition, gain switching, command pulse inhibition, speed zero clamp, deviation counter clear, alarm clear
Output signal: DO: 6 programable digital outputs, Alarm output, servo-ready, at-speed, zero-detection, velocity coincidence
Encoder signal output: A phase, B phase, Z phase, long-distance drive mode output
Alarm function: Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-load, encoder error, position deviation error, brake alarm, limit alarm, over-speed error etc.
Debug software: All setting values of current loop, velocity loop , position loop can be modified and saved with Motion Studio software , all setting values can be downloaded and uploaded
Brake mode: Built-in brake resistor or external resistor
Adapt load inertia: Less than 30 times motor inertia
weight: About 1.5-3Kg

If you need the Mach4 license, check the link:

Fully Licensed versions of Mach4, Email you the license.

Check the link to see Video

EtherCAT Video for Maho CNC Conversion from Tony (65)

EtherCAT Video (365)

*One Year Warranty*


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