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Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine, 51″x98″

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Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine, 51″x98″

Product Description

Fiber laser cutting machine integrates optical, mechanical and electrical in one, which adopts laser technology, computer control technology and high-performance CNC laser power system to process all kinds of metal sheet at high speed, high accurate, high efficiently cutting.

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500W: $58000.0

750W: $68000.0



  • Working area: 51"x98" or 1300 mm x 2500 mm
  • Z-axis travel: 100 mm / 4"
  • Single-mode continuous fiber laser, 1.07 um wavelength
  • Laser wattage: 500W or 750W or 1000 W
  • Beam quality: <0.373 mrad
  • Positioning accuracy: <= 0.03 mm/m
  • Max. no load speed: 60 m/min / 196 ft/min
  • Power Supply: single phase 220 V
  • Power consumption: 8 kW
  • USA technical support from our engineer
  • Chinese Raycus laser source
  • CW6100 water chiller
  • WSX laser head
  • Cypcut cutting software
  • Servo motor and driver system
  • Complete machine documents
  • User manual
  • Consumables catalog
  • Software CD

 2 Year USA Parts Warranty, Factory free training.

High Efficiently

A. Traveling speed increases utmost

B. Cutting software functions improved

C. Nesting software optimized cutting patch (can directly read CAD)

Higher Precision

A. Fully closed loop controlling system

B. Cutting compensation

C. Top accuracy testing device

Better Performance, More Rigid and Durable Construction

A. Top quality components

B. Integrated circuit (professional circuit board)

C. Rigid machine tool and mass loading working

More Safe and Save Labor

A. Machine structure and electric circuit design and assembly conform with CE and FDA

B. Assistant loading system and wireless remote control handle

C. Lubrication system

More Optimized Technique

A. Different laser cutting heads and optimized nozzle

B. Three gas source and dual-pressure gas route

C. Strong software support

Advantage of fiber metal laser cutting machine -Fiber laser cutting machine is for metal precise cutting powered by fiber laser technology.  The quality fiber laser beam results in faster cutting speeds and higher quality cuts compared to other cutting solutions. The key advantage of a fiber laser is its short beam  wavelength (1064nm). The wavelength, which is ten times lower than that of C02 laser, generates  high absorption into metals. This makes the fiber laser become a perfect tool for cutting metal sheets of stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel,  etc.

- The efficiency of a fiber laser far exceeds traditional YAG or CO2 laser.

The fiber laser beam is capable of cutting reflective metals with much less energy as the laser is absorbed into the metal being cut. The unit will consume little to no energy when not active.-  Another advantage of fiber laser is the use of highly reliable single emitter diodes with projected lifetimes greater than 100,000 hours of continuous or pulsed operation.

-  Powerful Laser software allows for the capability to control power, modulation rate, pulse width and pulse shape giving the user full control of the lasers capabilities.

Features of  fiber metal laser cutting machine:

- Double ball screw close-loop system and imported open-type CNC system, ensure high accuracy and high  working efficiency during high speed cutting.

- fiber metal laser cutting machine china equipped with fiber laser 500W ( 1000W, 2000W, 3000W  optional). Low operating and maintenance costs. Achieve long-term return on investment and revenue maximization.

- Enclosure design conforms to CE standard for reliable and safe processing. Pallet changer is convenient for material uploading and unloading and further improving working efficiency.

- Aiming at high speed cutting, strengthened welded machine body after 2 times of aging process, ensuring long-term accuracy and stability of performance.

- Dual-pressure gas control system of 3 gas sources (high pressure air, nitrogen, oxygen) meets the processing requirement of all kinds of metals. Easy operation and low cost.- Automatic nesting software (including material management and optimized processing technology) and providing with database of process parameters for easy operation and simple management.

- Optimized optical lens, specially designed nozzle and sensor technology realize more stable and smooth cutting.

Application of  fiber metal laser cutting machine:

Fiber metal Laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, alloy steel, galvanized steel, silicon steel, spring steel, titanium sheet, galvanized sheet, iron sheet, inox sheet, and other metal sheet, metal plate, metal pipe and tube, etc.

Fiber laser cutting machine Applicable Industries :

Fiber metal laser cutting machine is applied to machinery parts, electrics, sheet metal fabrication, electrical cabinet, kitchenware, elevator panel, hardware tools, metal enclosure, advertising sign letters, lighting lamps, metal crafts, decoration, jewelry, medical instruments, automotive parts and other metal cutting fields.

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