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MASTECH HY3002-2 Variable DC Power Supply

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This bench-top variable voltage power supply is perfect for powering electronics projects, troubleshooting or even small CNC machinery. With a 30v range and up to 2 amps output.



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MASTECH HY3002-2 Variable DC Power Supply

Product Description

The HY3002-2 DUAL output lab grade variable DC power supply is excellent for lab use with the two variable 0-30 volt 0-2 amp outputs.

Other uses include science projects or any other use where stable voltage up to 30 volts is required.

For the two variable outputs the voltage is variable from 0 to 30 volts and the current is also variable from 0 to 2 amps. The 2 digital red LED meters display the actual voltage and current within 2 percent.

The HY3002-2 DUAL output variable DC power supply also has a switch to choose among INDEPENDENT, SERIES or PARALLEL operation which can provide either dual 0-30V @ 0-2A or one 0-60V @ 0-2A or one 0-30V @ 0-4A.


  • Output Voltage: 2 @ 0 - 30 Volts
  • Output Current: 2 @ 0 - 2 Amps
  • Input Voltage: 110V, 60Hz.
  • Constant voltage/ Constant Current
  • Voltage and Current adjustment
  • Power effect: CV<0.01%+2mV, CC<0.2% + 2mA
  • Overload effect: CV<0.01% +3mV, CC<0.2% +3mA
  • Waves and noises: CV<0.5mV r.m.s, CC 3mA, r.m.s
  • Protection: Current limited & Short circuit protection.
  • Operating Temperature : 0 - 102 F ( 0 -40 C), Relative Humidity: <90%
  • LED Accuracy is within + or - 2%
  • Size: 14 x 10 x 8"
  • Weight: 30 lbs

Additional Details

All MASTECHPower Supply come with Six Month WARRANTY

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