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MASTECH HY3010D DC Power Supply

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This bench-top variable voltage power supply is perfect for powering electronics projects, troubleshooting



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MASTECH HY3010D DC Power Supply

Product Description

LED Display DC
Linear Power Supply
0-30 Volts / 0-10 Amps

Output Voltage: 0-30V @ 0-10A
Linear Power
Output Current: 0-10 Amps
Input Voltage: 110V or 220VAC
Constant Voltage / Constant Current
Voltage and Current Variable
Power effect: CV<0.01%+1mV, CC<0.2% + 1mA Overload effect: CV<0.01% +3mV, CC<0.2% +3mA Waves and noises: CV<2mV r.m.s, CC <10mA, r.m.s Protection: constant current and short-circuit protection CV?0.1%+5mV(I>6A) CC?0.5%+20mA(I>6A)
Voltage indication accuracy: LED±1%+2digits, analogue display 2.5%
Current indication accuracy: LED±2%+2digits, analogue display 2.5%
Load regulation: CV?0.02%+10mV(I?6A) CC?0.5%+10mA(I?6A) CV?0.1%+5mV(I>6A) CC?0.5%+20mA(I>6A)
Protection: High current limited.
Ripple & Noise: CV?3mVr.m.s CC?10mA r.m.s
Digital Voltage and current meters built in with Voltage resolution: 2.5% of display reading; 2.5% of Current resolution: display reading
Environmental: 0 - 102 F (0 -40 C), relative humidity: <90% 22 ibs 6 month Warranty

Additional Details

All MASTECHPower Supply come with Six Month WARRANTY