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DSPMC – 8-Axis Ethernet Motion Controller, ±10V

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DSPMC – 8-Axis Ethernet Motion Controller, ±10V

Product Description

DSPMC 7762S is an Ethernet based motion controller that controls up to 8 Analog ±10V Servo Drives, 8 Step and Direction Digital Drives, and EtherCAT networked drives. The DSPMC provides excellent integration with Mach3 and Mach4 CNC software proven by several end users since 2008. Utilizing the latest DSP technology, the DSPMC offers a comprehensive set of features for your CNC retrofitting and Motion Control applications.


  • 8 Channels Servo Drive Analog Outputs, Range ±10V, 16-Bit Resolution
  • 8 Step and Direction Channels. Up to 4MHz Step Frequencies
  • 16 Differential Quadrature Encoder Inputs. 32-Bit Resolution
  • 96 Digital I/O (64 Inputs & 32 Outputs)
  • 4Mhz Encoder frequency. Encoder resolution multiplied by 4 thru Hardware
  • 5KHz Closed-Loop Servo Control for each axis
  • Wide input power range 10-40VDC
  • Ethernet 100Mb connectivity using TCP/IP interface.
  • Advanced PID compensation with velocity feedforward, integration limits, and low-pass filter.
  • Dedicated limit and estop sensor inputs for ultra-fast system disarm
  • Modes of Motion: Point-to-Point, Linear and Circular interpolation, Jogging, Electronic Gearing, Feedrate Override
  • Standalone Operation by programming the unit with BASIC programming language for high-speed I/O processing.
  • SDK Libraries available for Software Developers.
  • Quick Custom hardware and firmware feature addition available


  • MPG Control using Electronic Gearing for quick response.
  • Probing.
  • Lathe Threading.
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Manual Mode
  • Closed-loop operation automatically compensates for backlash.
  • Homing Using Home Sensor and/or Index Pulse.
  • Rotary Axis Homing with Index pulse.
  • Use One Home Sensor Input for all axis, or separate Home Sensors for each axis.
  • Option to use Limit switches as homing sensors.
  • Feedrate Override above 100%.
  • Instant FeedHold
  • Slave Axis Support.
  • PID Tuning Graph.
  • Spindle Orientation and Tool Change Support
  • Multiple Spindle control type: 0-10v, ±10V, Servo Spindle, GCode Spindle (Allows easy integration of Tool Changer).
  • High Speed 3D machining support.
  • dspMacro – Basic Macros for fast I/O logic and Tool-Changer programming.

One Year Warranty

It works great with Mach3 and Mach4



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