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KL-1530 Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma Table, 5 ft × 10 ft

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KL-1530 Plasma Cutting Machine, CNC Plasma Table, 5 ft × 10 ft

Product Description

Table Size

90-1/2" × 161-1/2"

(2300 × 4100 mm)

Effective Cutting Area

59" × 118"

(1500 × 3000 mm)

Torch Height Travel

4.72" (120mm)

Load Capacity of Table                      1102lb (500kg)
Max. Traverse Speed

394 IPM (10m/min)

Max. Cutting Speed

236 IPM (6m/min)

Move Precision

0.02" (0.5mm)

Plasma Cutting Thickness

According to plasma cutter

Drive Mode

Single-side drive

Drive Motor                    Stepper motor
Input AC Voltage

110V ± 10%, 60Hz


0.54 hp (400W)

Control System                 Fangling F2100B
 Machine Size

141" × 90" × 11"

(4100 × 2300 × 900 mm)

Packaging Size

141" × 35" × 11"

(3500 × 900 × 900 mm)

Machine Weight

1102 lb (500kg)

Packaging Weight                          1212 lb (550kg)

1. Structure designed for quick installation and disassembly. KL-1530T consists of several modules, customers can quickly complete the assembly following the video. This kind of deign also makes the machine in a smaller size during transportation and convenient for transportation.

2. 5 ft × 10 ft effective cutting area and 1102 lbs. load capacity, make KL-1530T meet most of the customers’ cutting requirements.

3. An automatic torch height control system is standard on KL-1530T, providing customer with accurate cutting heights and extended consumable life.

4. Industrial-grade stepper motors control the X/Y/Z axes for fast, reliable torch movement.

5. Self-tightening steel rack & Pinion drive systems on X axis.

6. The linear tolerance of the linear guide on Y axis is less than 0.05mm (0.002"); X/Y axes’ vertical tolerance is less than 0.05mm (0.002").

7. KL-1530T can be programmed to cut any plane shape parts composed of beeline and arc. User can directly input program on the machine, or convert instructions into a program file by CAD program and then import the machine through the U disk.


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