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3d printers for sale: ORD Bot Hadron 3D Printer Kits with RAMPS Pre-Assembled Kit  and others

3d printers for sale: ORD Bot Hadron 3D Printer Kits with RAMPS Pre-Assembled Kit and others

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3d printers for sale: ORD Bot Hadron 3D Printer Kits with RAMPS Pre-Assembled Kit and others

Product Description

This is a brand new ORD Bot Hadron 3D printer kits with Four 62 oz-in motors:

Following are included:

1: 1 Pcs ORD Bot, Hadron Platform Kit,

2: 1 Pcs RAMPS Pre-Assembled Kit Complete

3: 1pcs Reprap Heat Bed MK2A Single Power Prusa (Resistor and LEDs Soldered) 214mmx 214mm
4: 3pcs Limit Switches
5: 1pcs 12V,30A switching power supply 110Vac/220vac

6: No extruder is included

Basic Set up for RAMPS1-4 Sprinter
AutomationRAMPS1-4Sprinter (1540)
Basic Set up for RAMPS1-4 Marlin Firmware
MarlinFirmware (2359)

Shipping List & Downloads
3Dprintershippinglist (5616)
Configuration.h & Downloads
Configuration (1287)

Shipping List & Downloads

3Dprintershippinglist (5616)

we have consider all the changes from the
You can get all the documents from here

1: Design software: Soldwork or Google Sketchup
2: Make 3D code: Slicer/ Replicator G
3: Run 3D printer: Printrun

We will have the machine 12/20/2014 , it is a special pre sale price $699

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