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Top-Quality Fiber Laser Engraver Machines

Get Extremely Precise Laser Markings

We offer the most efficient fiber laser engraver machines with industrial-strength design. Find the perfect machines for all your engraving needs.

  • Flexible engraving & cutting solutions
  • Zero-clearance welding
  • Wide processing range
  • No consumables required

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Advantages of our Fiber Laser Engraver Machines

  • Accurate, high-quality markings that are readable by both humans and machines
  • Consistent quality engraving on a variety of materials
  • Heat the required area without damaging the surrounding area of the material
  • Require small heat management
  • Low power consumption and maintenance
  • Require no recalibration to maintain efficiency over time
  • High mean time between failures
  • Can work with extremely small measurements
  • Cause no harm to the human body
  • Produce less dust and low noise as compared to oxygen and plasma cutting machines
  • Offer a huge range of applications in various industries

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  • Top-Quality is our Priority – All our products are manufactured in strict accordance with a quality management system.
  • A wealth of Experience – Our team has enough experience to quickly understand your needs and offer you tailored solutions.
  • Trustworthy – Honesty is our way of life at Automation Technology Inc. This is why we have our clientele’s trust.
  • On-Time Delivery – We ensure short lead times and on-time delivery so that you don’t have to keep waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the difference between an engraver and a cutter?

    Laser Engraver

    ● Has a shorter focal length lens

    ● Helps you get sharp result

    ●  Gives a finer spot size

    ● Ideal for engraving photographic images

    Laser Cutter

    ● Has a longer focal length lens

    ● Helps you focus on height variations

    ●  Produces less taper in the cut edge

    ● Ideal for cutting thicker materials

  • 2. How to choose the right machine?

    Consider the below-mentioned points when deciding on a machine:

    • The primary purpose of purchasing a machine—engraving or cutting
    • Material your wish to cut or engrave
    • Diameter of a laser beam
    • Size of the material

    For expert advice, please contact us and speak to one of our experts.

  • 3. Is the fiber laser machine dangerous to operate?

    No, it is completely safe if instructions are followed. If you follow the correct operation method and take the necessary precautions, there is nothing to worry about. However, failing to do so may cause damage to the machine or personal injury to the user.

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