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We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC machines—router, milling, and plasma. We offer the most robust CNC machines for a variety of materials—plastic, steel, wood, aluminum, etc. Our CNC machines:

  • Offer smooth texture and finishing
  • Have a long functional life
  • Are easy to operate
  • Can be customized

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Our CNC router machines produce consistent, precise, and high-quality finishes. These give you the flexibility to design your custom product to meet your requirements.

Applications of CNC Routing Machine

  • Furniture
  • Interior and exterior decorations
  • Door carvings
  • Signboards
  • Wood panels
  • Wooden frames
  • Musical instruments

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  • Top-Quality is our Priority – All our products are manufactured in strict accordance with a quality management system.
  • A wealth of Experience – Our team has enough experience to quickly understand your needs and offer you tailored solutions.
  • Trustworthy – Honesty is our way of life at Automation Technology Inc. This is why we have our clientele’s trust.
  • On-Time Delivery – We ensure short lead times and on-time delivery so that you don’t have to keep waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. What are the types of CNC machines?

      There are 5 types of CNC machines:

      • Router machine
      • Milling machine
      • Laser cutting machine
      • Plasma cutting machine
      • Lathe machine
    • 2. What are the types of CNC router machines?

      1) 2-Axis
      It provides dual-axis positioning—cross and lateral—via two handwheels for precise adjustments. Ideal for milling, grinding, and drilling operations.

      2) 3-Axis
      It allows you to cut materials in a 3-dimensional form. However, it is restricted to depth.

      3) 4-Axis
      It has a turntable connected to either the spindle head or cutting bed for more depth. It helps you pivot in an additional plane which is not possible in a 3-axis machine.

      4) 5-Axis
      It allows the spindle to rotate in 2 additional planes in comparison to a 4-axis machine. Suitable for bulk or batch production.

    • 3. What is the difference between CNC and NC?

      CNC stands for computer numerical control whereas NC stands for numerical control. In CNC machines, the programs are directly fed into the computer. On the other hand, programs are fed into the punch cards in NC machines.

    • 4. How to maintain a CNC router machine?

      Here are the key elements for maintaining:

      1) Regular Cleaning
      It requires regular cleaning to avoid dust and chip build-up in the critical components.

      2) Regular Greasing
      The rails and bearing of the CNC machine require frequent greasing to keep them lubricated.

      3) Replace Vacuum Filters
      The vacuum filters need to be periodically changed to ensure the smooth working of the vacuum pump.

      Keeping your CNC machine well maintained will prevent any premature wear. It also helps you maintain consistent product quality.

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