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KL-1325 CNC Machine 98.4″ x 51.2″, T slot, Vacuum Table, Rack/Pinion

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KL-1325 CNC Machine 98.4″ x 51.2″, T slot, Vacuum Table, Rack/Pinion

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We opened and checked, tested in our Chicago office

We paid the duty and broker fee.

You can come to our show room to check the machine. or call us at 847-984-0882 for any question. You do not need anything to start up your job

USA Tech Support: 847-984-0882

1:  Brand New CNC Router Engraving  Machine ,T slot, Vacuum Table, Rack/Pinion

2: 3 .2 KW Water Cooled Spindle + 3.2 KW 400Hz Variable Frequency Driver

3: We changed this Machine to Mach3 or 4 Control , DB25 Breakout board with Relay and  Spindle control with Ethernet You can use 32 bit or 64 bit connection. or we can update to Centroid Software

4:  Mach3 Software  is not included

X,Y axis working area

1300mm*2500mm (51.2" x 98.4")

Z axis working area

200mm ( about 8")

Table size


Max. speed


Max. working speed


Working accuracy

0.05 mm

Repositioning accuracy

0.02 mm

Feeding height


Command code

G code


working with Mach3 software  with  Windows 64 bit

Working power


Working voltage


Water Cooled Spindle power

3.2 KW

Spindle running speed


Spindle Power Motor: 3.2KW, Water-Cooled, ER20 Collet Chuck

Spindle Speed: 6000-24000 rpm With VFD, AC220V/50Hz/60HZ

X, Y, Z axis driver:  Stepper Motor Driver, NEMA34 Stepper Motor

X, Y Z Limit Switch

E- Stop, Z Height Probe

X Axis:   Rack Pinion

Y Axis: helical rack and pinion with 5:1 Gearhead, See Pictures

Z Axis 20m Linear Rail with 25mm Ballscrew

Spindle speed: 6000 to 24000 RPM

Table Grid Size: 8mm x 8mm

Each panel has a Valve to Control  ON/OFF

One year USA parts Warranty

Mach3 set up for kit and machine, Download here
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[Download not found]
[Download not found]

Start Up Procedure:
[Download not found]

We will send you a paypal request for shipping fee difference

Size of packing: W 86"  x H 71" x L 129"

Total weight: 1850 Lbs

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