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0.75KW 1HP AC Brushless Servo Motor

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0.75KW 1HP AC Brushless Servo Motor

Product Description

AC Brushless Servo Motor
DELTA AC Servo Motor´╝Ü ECMA-C20807

Rated Power: 0.75KW ( 1 HP)
Peak Torque: 1010 oz-in ( or 63.4 LB-in,or 7.162 N-m)
Continues Torque: 336 oz-in (2.38 N-m)
Max Speed: 3000 RPM
Voltage: 220 VAC
Encoder: 17 bit (160000 ppr)

One AC Brushless Servo Motor,
Manuals & Downloads
Delta ASDA-B2 Series AC Servo Driver Manual (4605)

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