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3 Axis CNC USB Card Mach3 200KHz Breakout Board

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3 Axis CNC USB Card Mach3 200KHz Breakout Board

Product Description

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 Operating System will be ok

KL-CNCUSB-3x-breakout board:


- Support all the Mach3 version,including the latest edition:Mach3 R3.042.040
- Support all the Windows version,Including the latest edition :Windows7.
- No Driver needed for USB,All the Windows version can be used as soon you insert in it.
- Fully support USB hot swapping,to monitor USB attachment state any time. While Mach3 are working ,if you uproot USB cable, then plug it also can make it work at once.
- Support four shaft linkage.Including inching, as well as four shaft linkage.
- To support the following functions: Automatic tool-setting,electronic hand wheel, software limit, software backlash
- Speed: 48M, so you don’t need to use PC. The Signal is independently processed by the Movement Control Cards, Ensuring that you get really real-time information and reliability.
- Get 200KHz output, Link to Stepping/Service.
- Have status indicator. Can indicate Mach3 attachment, and USB connectivity, when it is on, all kinds of state are clear for you at a glance.
- Have 16 input indicators,It Clearly indicates the status of signal-input.
- Have Speed-measurement function,The Spindle actual speed is displayed on the Mach3 interface in real time. And innovatively provide real-time speed graph, Making the speed variations clear and lively.
- Have on-board isolation power supply, NO external power supply Simplify the requirements of electric power supply. It’s convenient to connect external power supply can also be used, so you can have any choice you like.
- There are 10 super-speed 10 MHz light-couplers, 24General light-couplers, so the total amounts of light-couplers are up to 34. Isolate all the input/output. The High costs design provides a complete anti-jamming function and perfect security protection.

The Product Information:

- 200KHz,3 axis output, frequency 200KHz. Use 10MHz high-speed optical coupling to isolate electric power.
- Support 16 input points. 16 input-isolation light-coupler . Every light-coupler got LED indicator
- Speed: 48M . input real-time signals so you don’t need to use PC, The Signal is independently processed by the Movement Control CARDS, Ensuring that you get really real-time information and reliability.
- Eight output dots .Users can set functions that you need by yourselves, For example :The driver’s enable signal, Spindle open/close, and Cooling fluid control and the like.

- Control card uses USB to supply power. The Board carries isolating power DC-DC. It’s convenient for you to use for you don’t need to connect the power additionally
- U spindle speed measurement signal input . Speed: 60 thousand turns/minute. The speed will be displayed on the Mach3 at the same time,with the real-time display of spindle speed by waveform . It can display the spindle speed in Mach3 (the red part in the picture)

Note: Unzip the "", and move it to: Mach3PlugIns. For example: if your Mach3 was installed in C disk (C:Mach3),then the "usbmove.dll should be moved to "C:Mach3PlugIns".

Package included:

1 * 3 Axis CNC USB Card
1 * High quality USB Cable
2 * Magnetic ring

Set up your USB Motion Card:
1. Plug in your USB Motion Card to your computer, it will then install the necessary hardware it needs to run.
2. Go to the product on our website (
3. Download – “USB CardMach3200KHzBreakoutBoard” file on the bottom of the page.
4. Unzip to your computer.
5. Copy - “USBMove.DLL ” to Mach3/Plugin folder (C:/Mach3/Plugins).
6. Restart Mach 3.
7. Select - “Xulifeng-Mach3-USB-Motion-Card”.

Mach3 DLL & Downloads
USBCardMach3200KHzBreakoutBoard (9662)

Manuel; Downloads
USBMotionCardManual (12562)

CNC USB Card Mach3 200KHz Breakout Board wiring (7861)

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