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CNC Router Rotational Axis, the 4th Axis

CNC Router Rotational Axis, the 4th Axis

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CNC Router Rotational Axis, the 4th Axis

Product Description

CNC 4-Axis Router Rotational Claw DIY CNC Tool Engraving Machine


3 Claw middle to bottom 65mm
Machine Dimension Height 105mm X Width 175mm
3 fingers Claw Chuck Size 80mm Diameter 3 fingers
Frame Material  Aluminum Alloy 6061/ 6063
Bearing 2 bearing type
Concentric Rotational tolerance
Stepper Motor 3A 57type 1.8 Degree Stepper Motor (Brand New)
Pulley Belt Ratio: 1:6, 12 teeth to 72 teeh
Weight 7KG
CNC Engraving Router Rotational Axis,4th A Axis,3-Jaw Claw  100mm Chuck:  
  1. stepper motor type: 57 stepper motor 3A(2 phase 4 wires)
  2. Chuck type: 100mm 3 claws centring chuck
  3. Step Angle: 0.3degree/step
  4. center height: 65mm
  5. total height:  115mm
  6. Total length: 220mm
  7. Reduction ratio: 6:1
  8. Synchronous belt:5M 350
Package Content: 
  • 1 x 3A 57 Stepper Motor,
  • 1 x 100mm 3 Jaw Chuck,
  • 1 x Holding Aluminum frame,
  • 1 x Belt
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