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NEMA34 Closed Loop Stepper Motor System- Hybrid Servo Kit-32 bit DSP Based, 1128 oz-in

NEMA34 Closed Loop Stepper Motor System- Hybrid Servo Kit-32 bit DSP Based, 1128 oz-in

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The Hybrid Servo Driver series offers an alternative for applications requiring high performance and high reliability when the servo was the only choice, while it remains cost-effective. The system includes a 2-phase stepper motor combined with a fully digital, high performance drive and an internal encoder which is used to close the position, velocity and current loops in real time, just like servo systems. It combines the best of servo and stepper motor technologies, and delivers unique capabilities and enhancements over both, while at a fraction of the cost of a servo system.


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NEMA34 Closed Loop Stepper Motor System- Hybrid Servo Kit-32 bit DSP Based, 1128 oz-in

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NEMA 34 Hybrid Servo kit (closed-loop stepper system):
one Hybrid Servo Driver KL-8082H, one NEMA34 KL34-8N-1000 Hybrid Servo Motor with one Encoder 1000 line, one 1.5 meter cable or longer
A: KL-8082H 2-phase Hybrid Servo Driver:
30-80V, 8.2A Peak, No Tuning, Nulls loss of Synchronization
Closed-loop, eliminates loss of synchronization
Broader operating range – higher torque and higher speed
Reduced motor heating and more efficient
Smooth motion and super-low motor noise
Do not need a high torque margin
No Tuning and always stable
Fast response, no delay and almost no settle time
High torque at starting and low speed, high stiffness at standstill
Lower cost

B: NEMA34 Hybrid Servo Motor, KL34-8N-1000, 1/2" Shaft
Rated Torque 1128 oz-in, 8 N-m, with Encoder 1000 line
C: 1.5 meter Encoder cable

1000 pulses per revolution

Quadrature digital signals: 4000 steps per revolution

4000 / .05 pitch

80,000 counts per unit
Manuals & Downloads
Hybrid Servo Motor (9141)
Driver Manuals & Downloads
HY-8082H (4601)
Motor Specification & Downloads
KL-34-8N-1000 (3725)
Wiring Diagram & Downloads
NEMA34Closeloopsteppermotorwiring (7134)

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