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NEMA23 282 oz/in 3A 1/4″ Single Shaft Stepper Motor 0.9 Degree/step (KL23H276-30-4AM)

NEMA23 282 oz/in 3A 1/4″ Single Shaft Stepper Motor 0.9 Degree/step (KL23H276-30-4AM)

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This 282oz/in NEMA23 stepper motor is well suited to medium sized motion control projects of all types.


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NEMA23 282 oz/in 3A 1/4″ Single Shaft Stepper Motor 0.9 Degree/step (KL23H276-30-4AM)

Product Description


282 oz In. Hybrid Motor
0.9° /400 Steps Per Rev.
3 Amps Current Per Phase ( Bipolar Parallel)
4-wire  Bi-polar,  NEMA23 Frame

Manuals & Downloads
KL23H276-30-4AM (1852)

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