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NEMA34 850 oz/in Dual Shaft DC Servo (KL34-170-90) SKEWED ROTOR DESIGN

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This powerful DC servo motor is perfect for medium sized servo driven motion control applications. Combine with one of our servo drivers and a toroidal power supply for an unbeatable combination.



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NEMA34 850 oz/in Dual Shaft DC Servo (KL34-170-90) SKEWED ROTOR DESIGN

Product Description

KL34-170-90 (NEMA 34) Dual Shaft, Front Shaft 1/2"

Rear shaft 1/4"

850 oz-in Peak 90V/38A

Green is Ground, Red is +, Black is Common)

Skewed Rotor Design

Manuals & Downloads

Manuals & Downloads
KL34-170-90 (1369)

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