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IP40 NEMA34 Back Motor Cover Kit

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IP40 NEMA34 Back Motor Cover Kit

Product Description

IP40 NEMA34 Back Motor Cover Kit:

A neat solution to cover the stepper motor back side providing connector interface, motor wiring protection and rear shaft (if applicable) protection.

An aesthetic solution to a common problem

Connector interface for easy maintenance and setup process

For a professional looking machine


Quality made of a durable plastic

Easily mounts using the motor's existing screw holes (see installation guide for more info)

Provides IP40.

Suitable for both motors with or without rear shaft.

Incorporates a sleeve protecting the rear shaft of a motor from interfering with the wiring.

Comes with pre-drilled centre marks for fast and easy drilling of the mounting holes to suit the motor.

Each kit contains: 1 motor cover, 4 M4x40 mounting screws, 1 panel mount connector and 1 mating cable end connector.

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