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NEMA34 Stepper Motor – 906 oz in 6.1A Dual Shaft (KL34H295-43-8B)

NEMA34 Stepper Motor – 906 oz in 6.1A Dual Shaft (KL34H295-43-8B)

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This very large and powerful NEMA34 stepper motor can move a lot of weight at 906 oz/in and 6.1 amps current draw per phase. 8 wire bi-polar or unipolar operation; with 1/2" Dual Shafts.


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NEMA34 Stepper Motor – 906 oz in 6.1A Dual Shaft (KL34H295-43-8B)

Product Description

KL34H295-43-8B (1/2" Dual Shaft)
906 oz In. Hybrid Motor
1.8° /200 Steps Per Rev.
6.1 Amps Current Per Phase ( Bipolar Parallel)
8-wire Bi-polar or uni polar,

NEMA 34 Frame

KL34H295-43-8B (3447)

Torque Curve (Parallel):

KL34H295-43-8AT(Parallel) (481)

Torque Curve (Series):

KL34H295-43-8AT(Series) (317)

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