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NEMA34 DC Brushless Motor KL34BLS-98 dual shaft

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NEMA34 DC Brushless Motor KL34BLS-98 dual shaft

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Number of poles: 8

Number of phase: 3

Rated voltage: 48VDC

Rated speed: 3000 rpm

Rated torque: 1.4 N.m

Rotor power:  440 W

Peak torque: 4.2 N.m

Peak current: 33 A

Line to line resistance: 0.2 ohms

Line to line inductance: 0.48 mH

Torque constant: 0.13 Nm/A

Back E.M.F: 13.5 V/KRPM

Rotor inertia:^2

Body length: 98mm

Mass: 2.6Kg


KL34BLS-98-B (332)
Motor Wiring with speed controller
2-Quadrant BLDC speed driver ver. 48ZWSK30-B-804 (1430)

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