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CUI AMT102-V Encoder KIT  and 6 feet Cable

CUI AMT102-V Encoder KIT and 6 feet Cable

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CUI AMT102-V Encoder KIT and 6 feet Cable

Product Description

CUI AMT102-V Encoder KIT and cable:

A: (1) CUI AMT102-V Encoder KIT:
•patented capacitive technology
•16 dip switch programmable resolutions
incremental output resolutions
48, 96, 100, 125, 192, 200, 250, 256, 384, 400,
500, 512, 800, 1000, 1024, 2048
•straight (radial) and right-angle (axial) versions
•9 different mounting hole options for AMT102
•low power consumption
•line driver output available (CUI-10XE-10)
•-40°C to 100°C operating temperature
•TTL voltage output
•modular package
In order to provide maximum flexibility for our customers, the AMT10X series is provided in kit form standard. This allows the user to implement the encoder into a range of applications using one sku#, reducing engineering and inventory costs.

B: (1) 6ft Cable for CUI AMT102-V KIT Encoder

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