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48V/7.3A Switching CNC Power Supply (KL-350-48)

48V/7.3A Switching CNC Power Supply (KL-350-48)

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Our metal caged 115V /230V switching CNC power supplies are a low-cost, efficient way to power your stepper and servo motor motion control projects. With a 48V, 7.3 amp output, this PSU is great for small and midsized applications.


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48V/7.3A Switching CNC Power Supply (KL-350-48)

Product Description

1: High Efficiency, Low Temperature, Small Size.
2: Over Load and Short Circuit Protection.
3: Over Voltage Protection.
4: Input: 120VAC or 220V, output 48VDC/7.3A
5: works great with G540 4 axis Stepper driver and other stepper drivers


350W Specification (1135)

Size is about 9 x 5 x 2.5 inch


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