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750W AC Servo Motor Kit, 110/230VAC

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750W AC Servo Motor Kit, 110/230VAC

Product Description

Parts are included in Kit:

1: AC Servo Drive  [DYN4-H01A2-00] - DYN4 AC Servo Drive,  Can be powered by standard 110/230VAC

2:86MM Frame,  AC Servo Motor,  0.75kW, Shaft Size 1/2", Key,

86M motor - 14mm diameter shaft with 5mm key
86N motor - 1/2" diameter shaft with two flats

[86N-DHT-A6MK1] - AC Servo Motor (medium inertia) with mounted 16 bits absolute encoder [65,536 per resolution], 4 wires serial feedback bus [C34DYN4] - RJ45 to Driver Board for DYN4

Encoder Cable, 3 m CAEN-HL3-TSP

Motor Cable, 3 m CAMP-HL3-SSP

3: A free USB tuning cable

4: 750W AC Servo Motor with Brake : Additional $197

[DMMDRV4 Software] - Electronic download here

Documents and Downloads:


Product Manual: Brochure

Modbus Specification Manual

  • 4-Wre high speed serial encoder bus, with 8-bit security code

  • DMMDRV4© graphical interface, Adaptive Tuning Technology

  • Single/Three-Phase 110~240VAC ± 10% 50/60Hz input

  • Industry standard Position, Velocity, Torque servo modes

  • Serial [UART,SPI], Pulse/Sign, CW/CCW, A/B Quadrature, and Analog Command

  • A/B/Z Quadrature incremental encoder output

  • Motor Current, Absolute Position, Position Error Monitor Outputs

  • RS485/RS232 networking

  • Integrated Point to Point S-curve motion, linear & circular coordinated motion

One year parts warranty

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