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DMM DYN2 Servo Kit 400W/60VDC

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DMM DYN2 Servo Kit 400W/60VDC

Product Description

DMM DYN2 Servo Kit 400W at 60V: 

Servo Motor:Manufacturer: DMM-TechWatts: 400WShaft Size: 14mmShaft Type: StraightMotor Frame: 60mm2: Servo Driver

  • Low Voltage +60VDC Operation [ Min. +24VDC Max. +75VDC ]
  • Position, Velocity, Torque servo modes
  • 4-wire high speed serial encoder bus, with 8-bit security code for most reliable position feedback
  • 16-bit (65,536ppr) resolution absolute encoder
  • General Purpose Pulse/Analog Command
  • Opto-isolated 25kHz PWM sinusoidal amplifier
  • Industry leading package size - 20A peak current capacity
  • Serial RS232 [UART,SPI] Point to Point, S-Curve, Linear & Circular Coordinated Motion. Absolute encoder position feedback. Absolute/Incremental modes.

Parts are included in kit:

Servo Motor: 640-DST-A6TK1

Servo Driver: DYN2-TLA6S-0

Driver Board for DYN2: C34DYN2

One Year Warranty

Documents and Downloads:


DYN2 System Catalog

Modbus Specification Manual

Specification Manual


Servo Motor Model 640-DST-A6 _ _ 1
Rated Output 0.4kW
Rated Voltage 60V 200V
Applicable Servo Drive DYN2 DYN4
Rated Torque 1.27Nm
Instantaneous Max. Torque 3.82Nm
Rated Current 8.4A 2.8A
Max. Current 21.0A 8.5A
Rated Speed 3000rpm
Max. Speed 5000rpm
Rotor Inertia 0.426kg-cm^2
Torque Coefficient 0.181N∙m/A 0.455N∙m/A
Encoder 16-bit Absolute [ ABS-16-01 ]
Mass 1.65kg
Ratings Time Rating: Continuous
Thermal Class: F
Excitation Method: Permanent Magnet
Insulation Resistance: DC500V, >20MΩ
Noise: ≤60dB; No Special Noise
Environment Ambient Temperature: 0~40 °C
Storage: -20~50°C
Ambient Humidity: 20~80%
No Condensation
Enclosure IP65
Shock 98m/s2 Max. (10G)

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