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UC300ETH-5LPT Ethernet Motion Controller

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UC300ETH-5LPT Ethernet Motion Controller

Product Description


Download the product manual

- Controls upto 6-axis simultaneously.

- Works with the UCCNC software and Mach3.

- Upto 400kHz step frequency operation.

- 49 digital inputs and 36 digital outputs in 5 IDC26 ports.

- LPT port compatible.

- 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs.

- Ethernet connection to the control PC.

- Works with direct connection to the PC and via routers/switches.

- Fast communication with data buffer for robust and stabile operation.

.Downloads for this product:

1.) Product manual

2.) UCx00 automatic installer for Mach3

3.) Plugin for manual installation

4.) UCxx Utility software

5.) Rigid tapping macro for Mach3

6.) Software prerequirements




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