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Centroid Mill “Pro” CNC software (#14457)

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Centroid Mill “Pro” CNC software (#14457)

Product Description

Centroid Mill "Pro" CNC software  (#14457)

Upgrade to Centroid Mill "Pro" CNC12 from the Free version that is included with each Acorn kit.

- Unlimited G code file size
- 4 axis G-code moves
- 4th axis motor pairing with any other axis
- Full version of Intercon conversational programming
- 4th axis conversational programming
- Rigid Tapping
- Six WCS locations (G54 thru 59)
- Large 4mb Gcode file size
- Tool Library with 200 tools
- Auto Tool Measure on Tools 1-10
- Menu driven Center of Bore and Single Edge probing cycles
- BCD Tool Changer Output
- All features of the CNC12 Free are included

Please send a report so that we can generate the correct Acorn CNC12 Pro License for your Acorn.  

Directions on how to generate a report can be found in the following link.
Generating Acorn Report

Centroid Mill Pro CNC software

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