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CENTROID Wireless MPG CNC Control Pendant

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CENTROID Wireless MPG CNC Control Pendant

Product Description


Model: WMPG-4 for Centroid Board used in CNC equipped Mills, Lathes & Routers

Take the control to where the work is!

A game changing tool, the Centroid Wireless MPG Control Pendant

Allows the operator to conveniently and precisely set up jobs and tools remotely.

No software drivers to install. Plug and Play with Centroid CNC12 CNC software, just plug in the included

USB transmitter/receiver and start using it! Perfect for all types of Mills, Lathes, Routers

and other specialty CNC machines.

LCD DRO display
(Displays up to 4 axes)
100 Step MPG
Feed Rate Override and
Spindle Speed Override control
with MPG wheel!
Cycle Cancel
Tool Check
Pendant On / Off
Cycle Start
Feed Hold
Continuous Jog
Spindle Control 4 User Programmable Buttons
Set Axis Part Zeros
Axis Selector
Increment / Speed selector
x1, x10, x100
• Smooth motion
• Long range wireless
• Robust CENTROID developed drivers
• Takes 2 AA batteries, run time approx. 1 month
• USB Plug and Play Transmitter / Receiver
• Rubber case protector
• Tactile Feedback domed buttons w/ gold contacts
• High quality 3M Overlay

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