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High-Quality CNC Stepper & Router Motor Kits

Reliable and Durable Products

We offer durable CNC kits to help you build powerful stepper and router motor machines. Our kits help you achieve the perfect motion control base for all your computer-controlled CNC machines. We offer multiple kits for all your needs for 2-axis, 3-axis, and 4-axis of motion.

  • Extremely precise motion control
  • Robust performance
  • Customizable according your needs
  • Step-by-step instructional materials and support

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High Performing Components

Our CNC kits are the perfect setup for stepper & router motor machines. Our kits include a set of components specially designed and tested to work together for excellent performance. We offer a variety of kits including:

  • X2 Kits
  • 2-Axis NEMA23 CNC Kit (36V/9.7A 425 oz-in KL-5056)
  • 4-Axis NEMA23 CNC Kit (36V/9.7A/ 425 oz-in/ KL-5056)
  • G540 4-Axis NEMA34 465 oz in, PSU 48V/12.5A
  • SEIG X3 Kits
  • 2-Axis TWO NEMA23 350oz in, 50VDC/20A PSU, G320X Gecko Driver
  • 3-Axis NEMA23 350oz in 60VDC/20A PSU G320X Gecko Driver
  • 3-Axis NEMA42 CNC Kit (2830 oz-in/KL2283) with 6 Axis C11G Breakout Board
  • NEMA34 CNC 4-Axis Kit (72V/20A/1200 oz-in/G201X)

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  • Top-Quality is our Priority – All our products are manufactured in strict accordance with a quality management system.
  • A wealth of Experience – Our team has enough experience to quickly understand your needs and offer you tailored solutions.
  • Trustworthy – Honesty is our way of life at Automation Technology Inc. This is why we have our clientele’s trust.
  • On-Time Delivery – We ensure short lead times and on-time delivery so that you don’t have to keep waiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Does the kit come with a software program?

    Yes, all our CNC kits for stepper and router motor machines come with pre-installed software. You have the flexibility to design your software according to the software of your existing machines.

  • 2. Does the kit come with a stepper motor?

    It depends on which kit you are buying. A majority of our kits include stepper motors. You can check the detailed components along with the specifications of each kit on their respective product page.

  • 3. Do your kits include USB or ethernet boards?

    No, our kits do not include USB or ethernet boards. But you can add a USB or ethernet board—Mach3 & Mach4 ESS board—to your CNC kit. Both Mach3 & Mach4 produce very high-quality pulse trains that drive step & direction motors.

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