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Frequency Inverter VFD 11KW for KL-11000W Spindle

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Frequency Inverter VFD 11KW for KL-11000W Spindle

Product Description

Working with KL-11000W Spindle:

KL-11000W Water cooled Spindle

Technical parameters:

Input voltage: 3phase AC220V±15%

Power: 11KW

Output frequency range: 0~400Hz

Input frequency: 47~63Hz, power factor≥95%

Control mode: Non-PG vector control and V/F control

Source of operation instruction: given by panel, terminal and RS485 communication

Source of given frequency: given by panel figure, analog quantity, RS485 serial communications, multi-speed simple PLC and PID etc.

Pull-in torque: non-PG vector control (SVC) 0.5Hz/150%

Speed adjustable range: non-PG vector control 1: 100(SVC)

Accuracy of speed control±0.5%(SVC)

Carrier frequency: 1.0kHz~15.0kHz, and can be automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristic.

Torque elevation: manual torque can elevate 0~30%

Brake: DC braking when starting and closing down.

Inching operation: frequency range: 0.0Hz~ maximum frequency of output, time of inching acceleration and deceleration: 0~3600.0s

Simple PLC and multi-speed operation: as many as 8 speeds operation can be realized through built-in PLC or controlling terminals.

Constant power operation: automatically adjust the output frequency to keep the output voltage stable during voltage fluctuations.

Input and output terminal:
6 digital input, 2 relay output and 1 OC transistor output
2 analog input and 1 analog output

LED can display set frequency, output frequency, output voltage, current output and other parameters.

Manual Download:

11KW VFD Manual (225 downloads)

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