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B18 DSP 4 axis CNC controller

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B18 DSP 4 axis CNC controller

Product Description

B18 DSP 4 Axis CNC Controller

B18 DSP Controller represents a state-of-the-art solution for CNC routers. Its sleek design includes an ergonomic handle and intuitive layout, while new function keys enhance usability. Equipped with a durable USB interface and a simplified menu, it offers a streamlined user experience. The controller’s advanced features encompass organized wiring, input/output indicators for troubleshooting, breakpoint protection, footswitch support, and multi-cylinder control. With a focus on safety and efficiency, the B18 controller is poised to elevate CNC router operations.

Product Feature

  •  Beautiful appearance design, a new generation of professional operating dsp handles.
  •  More comfortable hand-hold cnc controller.
  •  New buttons layout, professional key panel.
  •  We added new function keys, a more straightforward operation.
  •  It is equipped with a U disk adapter and improved durability of the USB interface.
  •  Concise screen display, easy and quick menu.
  •  The new wiring method makes the electric control cabinet wiring more orderly.
  •  The interface board has input and output port indicator lights, which are more convenient for self-detection and troubleshooting.
  •  Support breakpoint continues, power failure protection and part work, etc.
  •  Support foot switch function and single essential auto-repeat machining function.
  •  System built-in mill plane function, the user could set relative parameters.
  •  Multi-cylinder control, can switch the tools freely,, and efficiently.
  •  New motion control process, more secure and valuable.

Product Parameters

Product Model RichAuto-B18
Internal Memory 512MB
Display Screen 128*64 Monochrome LCD
Communication Port U disk、USB cable
Controlled Axis Number 4 axis
Control Signal differential signal
Drive System step motor/servo motor
Simple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English、other languages 0.001mm
No Volt Protection support
Breakpoint Processing Function support
External Power Supply Voltage 24V DC
Manual Mode Continuous、point move、distance
Interpolation Way line、arc、curve
Soft/Hard Limit support
Max. Pulse Frequency 1M/S
Password Protection support
Support Language Simple Chinese/traditional Chinese、English and other languages
Standard Configuration (1) DSP Handle;(1) 50 core cable (1)USB cable; (1)8 I/O Wiring board;(1) data CD

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