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DSP B11 3 axis Motion Controller Remote For CNC Engraving and Cutting

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DSP B11 3 axis Motion Controller Remote For CNC Engraving and Cutting

Product Description

B11 DSP Three-axis Linkage Motion Control System offers sophisticated motion control capabilities for various applications. With features including 3-axis interpolations, standard I/O interface, compatibility with A1X, workpiece coordination, tool calibration, speed adjustments, system alarms, and advanced functions like tool resumption and power failure recovery, the B11 system caters to intricate processes. Specialized tasks like array work, milling planes, and scaling are supported, making it a versatile choice in advertising, woodworking, stone carving, and mold machines.


  •  3-axis interpolations motion control
  •  Standard configured 8I/O interface board.
  •  Exchange for A1X and use.
  •  9 workpiece coordinates, 8 breakpoints storage positions.
  •  Support mobile calibration & fixed calibration: configurable position and speed of tool set.
  •  HIGH/LOW manual speed switching, fine adjusting, and distance setting.
  •  Spindle speed and feed rate are adjustable during machining.
  •  Offer system alarms for drivers, inverters, E-stop switches, and hard limits.
  •  Support tool broken continue breakpoint resume, intelligent power failure recovery.
  •  Array work, mill plane, scale work, part work, etc. particular processing demands are supported.
  •  Support parking status and location settings
  •  Extensive application of mechanical engraving fields such as advertising, woodworking, stone carving mold machines, etc.

B11 Wiring Board

richauto b11 wiring board

B11 Wiring

richauto b11 wiring diagram

Product Parameters

Model No. RichAuto-B11
Built in memory 512MB
Display Screen 128*64 Monochrome LCD
Communication Port U disk
Linkage axis No. 3 axis
Control Signal Differential signal
Drive System Stepper / servo motor
Minimum input unit 0.001mm
Power failed protection Support
Breakpoint resume Infinite
Manual Mode Continue、Step、Distance
Interpolation Method Line、Arc、Spline
Soft/Hard Limit Support
Maximum Pulse Frequency 1MHz
Password Protection support
Language Simplified/Traditional Chinese, English, and Other languages can be customized
Standard Configuration DSP Handle;50-pin Cable、8 I/O Interface Board, USB Cable


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