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Inductive Proximity Switch,NPN

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Inductive Proximity Switch,NPN

Product Description

Characterized by DC 3 wire type, NPN, NO output type, 0-30V DC working voltage, when proximity switch is close to some target object, it will send out control signal.
Used widely in the machine tool industry, frequency counters and other automatic control system, etc.

Product Name Proximity Switch Sensor
Model SN04-N
Wire Type DC 3 Wire Type (Brown, Black, Blue)
Theory Inductance Sensor
Output Type NPN, NO
Output Switching Transducer
Sensing Distance 4mm
Working Voltage 10-30V DC
Response Frequency 500Hz max
Indicator Red LED
Size 36 x 18 x 18mm / 1.4" x 0.7" x 0.7" (L*W*H)
Cable Length (Approx.) 110cm / 43.3"
Hole Size 0.9 x 0.4cm / 0.35" x 0.2" (L*W)
Extenal Material ABS Resin
Net Weight 34g
Color Black, Green

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