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Touch Probe+Z axis Tool Adjustment Touch Sensor Setting

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Touch Probe+Z axis Tool Adjustment Touch Sensor Setting

Product Description


Model : Automatic Tool Setting

Color : Black + Silver

Material: Grinding 4S + Super Hard Alloy

Output Mode: Normally Closed

Output mode: BNC (normally closed)

Pre-trip: Almost zero

Stroke: 5mm

Repeatability: 0.001mm (condition: operating speed 50-200mm / min)

Contact life: 3 million times

Protection structure: IP67

Contact force: 1.5N

Contact material: super hard alloy

Housing material: grinding 4S

Contact rating: DC24V 20mA (MAX) (recommended value 10mA) resistance load

Cable: 3m oil resistant °4 core ∞5 tensile strength 307N minimum bending radius R7

Protection tube: minimum bending radius 1 m R25

LED light: normally open

Alarm signal when the trip is exceeded

Output mode: BNC (normally closed) (2.5mm from the measurement signal)

Contact rating: DC24V 100mA (resistive load)

Installation instructions

1, the props and the tool setting device must be perpendicular to the contact surface, and vertically contact the contact surface, please install as much as possible on the workbench where the iron filing area is small.

2, please be sure to use the voltage within the rated power supply range, please control the DC10-30V, the current is below 20mA, the ambient temperature range is -25° C-70° C. 3. Please control the cutter tool diameter below 20mm and the cutter speed to be below 50-200mm/min. The tool center should fall to the center of the tool face

When using the blowing function, the air tube has a diameter of 6 mm and an inner diameter of 45 mm. Take care to remove the iron filings and cutting oil attached to the contact surface.

Package include:
1 x CNC Z Axis Engraving Machine Tool

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