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G0704 CNC Mill with Ethernet Connection

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G0704 CNC Mill with Ethernet Connection

Product Description

We changed the G0704 Drill/Mill with Stand to a CNC Mill

It is assembled and tested.

1:  G0704 Machine is included:

G0704 Drill/Mill

2:  Assembled the Mounting Kit  in G0704 Machine ( Included)

3:  Digital Stepper Control Box  is included

or use this G540 Stepper Controller, you need to ask if you need G540 controller


4: X, Y NEMA23 Stepper Motor ( included):

5: Z  NEMA34 Stepper Motor ( included):

6 :  Ethernet connection is included Board

Mach3 Software demo ( license file is not included):

You can add the limit switch

G0704 Features:

Dovetail column
Safety shut off switch
Spindle speed DRO
Fine feed head control
2-Speed gearbox
Clear guard on spindle
Rubber chip guards on ways
Zero setting dials
Dials read inches
Forward/Reverse switch
Floor-to-table height: 37-1/2"
Stand footprint: 15-3/4" x 16-1/2"


Motor: 1 HP, 110V, 12A, single-phase
Spindle taper: R-8
Spindle travel: 2"
T-slots: 3 @ 2-1/2" centers, 7/16" wide
Head travel: 11"
Head tilt: 90° L/R
Max. distance spindle to table: 13"
Swing: 15"
Table travel (longitudinal): 18-7/8"
Table travel (cross): 6-7/8"
Table size: 7-1/16" x 26-5/8"
Spindle Speed: 50–2250 RPM
Approximate shipping weight: 363 lbs.

There are many Videos from Youtube

Check these from n1bpd

CNC G0704 Part 1 - Software & Electronics Test

CNC G0704 Part 2 - Assembling the Control Box

CNC G0704 Part 3 - Teardown

CNC G0704 Part 4 - Y Axis Installation

CNC G0704 Part 5 - X Axis Installation

CNC G0704 Part 6 - Z Axis & Done


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