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One Axis CNC Motion Programmable Controller

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One Axis CNC Motion Programmable Controller

Product Description

Product description

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• Single axis; can achieve a variety of complex operation: positioning control and non-positioning control;
• The maximum output frequency: 40KHz;
• Output frequency resolution: 1Hz;
• Programmable maximum number of rows: 99;
• Signal input: 6 (optical isolation);
• Signal output: 3 (optical isolation);
• A continuous displacement range: -7,999,999 ~ 7,999,999;
• Operating state: Autorun mode, manual operation, the program edit mode, parameter setting status;
•Lifting speed curve: 2 (optimization);
•Display digits: 8 digital display, manual / automatic status display, run / stop status display, the number of steps / counts / procedures display, edit the program, parameter display, input / output status display, pulse and direction display ;
• Autorun feature: You can edit, you can control the start and stop automatically run through the panel buttons and processing and other operations at the terminal level;
• Manual operation functions: position adjustments (manual jog speed and jog the number of steps can be set);
• Parameter setting function: Starting frequency, acceleration and deceleration curve, reverse clearance, manually run length, manual speed, back to zero speed and interrupt jump the line all can be set;
• Program editing functions: You can insert, delete, modify the program. The controller can identify the error Instruction;
• Return to Zero features: It can be from the positive and negative directions, automatic return to zero
•The number of programming instructions: 14 instruction;
• Outside the operating functions: interrupt operation through parameter setting and switch connected to the terminals A and B;
• Power supply:DC24V

4.2 x 4.2 x 4.1 inches

Down load the Manuel:

SingleAxisMotionController (876 downloads)

One year warranty

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